Keeping Your Mouth Healthy During Pregnancy

For nine months, you’ll have plenty to think about as your body prepares to give birth to a healthy baby. However, don’t forget about the state of your teeth, oral bones and connective tissues. These can all be affected by pregnancy, and need special attention during this important time in your life.

Why does pregnancy change your mouth? The answer comes from the systemic changes that happen when you conceive and carry a child. Not only do your hormone levels vary from your normal status, but so do all the other systems of your body, including your mouth.

Oral Problems to Watch for During Pregnancy

Beyond regular brushing, flossing and rinsing, your teeth deserve more serious consideration when you’re pregnant. For instance, you should always be on the lookout for these signs that could potentially indicate issues:

  • Bleeding gums. When gums bleed on a regular basis, they aren’t at their healthiest. Something is causing trauma, and it’s up to your dentist in Dallas, TX, to determine the underlying cause. Because bleeding gums are a red flag for gum disease, you should make an appointment to see a dental provider as soon as you notice this issue.
  • Bad breath. You never had bad breath all the time before, but now you do. What happened? It could have something to do with bacteria in your mouth, especially if you aren’t able to eat or drink normally due to nausea. Again, this can be a signal that bacteria are breeding between your teeth and gums. A deep cleaning from your dental provider can help avoid permanent damage from gum disease.
  • Plaque build-up. One of the reasons that we often suggest pregnant women see us a few times during their pregnancies is because it isn’t unusual for them to experience an increase plaque production. Plaque build-up can be easily removed by a trained dental hygienist, but it can’t be removed by you at your home. Why allow plaque to become a place for cavities to start?

Pregnancy can be a wondrous experience, especially if you do everything in your power to keep your entire body functioning in tiptop shape. If you’re experiencing a dental concern, or would like an appointment to make sure your teeth and gums aren’t at risk, call our office today.