If you’ve ever had a cavity, changes are a filling was used to fill in the hole in your tooth. Fillings are used to protect your teeth from damage from cavities or from further decay after a cavity has been treated. Cavities left untreated will only get worse with time. A tooth filling will cover the cavity and protect it from sensitivity and further decay. Your dentist will fill the cavity and make sure it feels like a natural tooth.

Fillings can be used for more than protecting cavities. Tooth fillings can also be used to improve the look of worn or damaged teeth. Broken and damaged teeth can not only cause pain and discomfort, but they can also cause you to be self-conscious and uncomfortable with your smile. Tooth fillings help fix broken or cracked teeth by filling in the gaps and cracks of the tooth and protecting the tooth from further decay or damage. This simple fix will improve your look and protect your smile!

Regular trips to the dentist are so important to protect your teeth. Check-ups can help detect cavities and cracked or damaged teeth. Discovering a small problem now can save you from costly repairs or tooth pain down the road. Your dentist may recommend fillings if he notices cavities or damaged teeth.