Neeley Dental Group offers a state-of-the-art practice equipped with modern equipment. We also have TVs in each room, iPads, and free Wi-Fi for your convenience and comfort. We utilize digital x-rays which provide us with even more accurate diagnoses when you come for your first consultation.


The PerioLase® MVP-7™ is an advanced dental laser that allows us to perform a minimally invasive gum disease procedure. Dr. Neeley may use this laser for gum disease treatment with the Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP®).

Dental lasers offer benefits to patients and dentists such as shorter appointment times, faster healing periods, and shorter recovery times. This laser helps us treat infected gum tissue and targets damaged tissue without affecting the surrounding tissue. We can treat periodontal disease without the need for scalpels or incisions.

Fotona Nightlase®

The NightLase® laser helps us in the treatment of sleep apnea. We can use this laser to tighten the back of the throat which provides a more open airway and helps you to get the oxygen you need while you are sleeping. A restricted airway is what usually causes sleep apnea and loud snoring. This laser will help you and your loved ones get the restful sleep you deserve. This non-surgical treatment lasts up to a year and can be repeated as often as necessary.

Diode Laser

The diode laser is another tool in our belt that can help treat periodontal disease and can be used for soft tissue procedures, periodontal procedures, and more.

Digital X-Rays

Our office uses an advanced digital x-ray system to capture clear and accurate images of your mouth and teeth. These high-quality images are produced in just a few minutes and allow us to make a diagnosis on the spot. Digital x-rays emit less radiation than traditional imaging devices.