What You Should Know About Dry Mouth and Periodontal Disease

We have all had the feeling of a dry mouth at one time or another, but what happens when your dry mouth is a chronic condition? At this point, any number of things can occur, including the development of gum disease.

Why can a dry mouth quickly set the stage for periodontal problems? Consider these facts:

  • When your mouth is dry, you produce less saliva. Saliva naturally lubricates and cleanses the mouth. Without it, there is no out-flow of bacteria, debris, particles, etc.
  •  A dry mouth usually feels hot and unpleasant. This can lead to a warm environment that fosters the breeding of good and bad bacteria. The bad bacteria appreciate having the opportunity to thrive.
  •  Your teeth rely on the rinsing action that comes from saliva flow. The rinsing helps loosen food that has been caught in the teeth, and acts as a surrogate cleaning system until you can brush and floss.

Given these realities, it is easy to see how gum disease can quickly take hold. Starting as gingivitis, it may rapidly advance to more progressive stages without proper intervention from a knowledgeable, trained dental provider.

How Dentists Like Ours Treat Dry Mouth Related Diseases

When treating patients with dry mouth in Dallas, TX, Dr. Neeley often uses laser assisted periodontal therapy, when appropriate. Lasers are excellent ways to reduce the colonies of bacteria in the mouth, as well as get rid of diseased or destroyed soft tissues. Plus, lasers are notoriously comfortable. When paired with a numbing agent, laser equipment is painless for even sensitive patients.

If you have dry mouth and are worried about the health of your gums, it is time to make an appointment at our office. We are always happy to help people in the Dallas community feel and look better using advanced technology and state-of-the-art treatments.

Never let dry mouth get the better of you.